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I am recovering from a brilliant week in Cape Town looking after 50 girls from Langley Park School, who came to work on a Dance / Drama / Music project with kids from the township of Langa.
Photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/impangele/LangleyParkCapeTown08
The girls were really moved by the living conditions and the family backgrounds of the children they worked with, and have all sworn to raise money to support them. I hope the tears turn into real action. This country has such a power to move, to amaze, to sadden, to despair, to hope.... every day I have to adjust preconceptions and judgements.
So, back in Swellendam, I suddenly find myself on the management committee of the Swellendam Horse Show Association - I only know one end of a horse from the other by the fact that things go in one end and out of other - and also find myself in charge of raising press interest and sponsorship. Sort of like what Em is doing for LRGS, except with hooves not skates, and much less of a clue about what is going on!
Yesterday Dave phoned from the pub to say he would be late home as the Kombi had been swarmed by bees - the car was no longer visible, just one almighty massive heaving black mass. Yeh, yeh, said I, but as I swept ten tons of bee debris out of the car this morning, I reckon it may have been the truth.


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18th Apr, 2008 09:25 (UTC)
that is a brilliant excuse!

and hurray for productive projects, and if I can help any with the horse stuff, just yell.
18th Apr, 2008 09:26 (UTC)
HORSES?? Is that through Amy & Colleen? Also- Eddie Izzard!! COVERED IN BEES!!! So true about SA‘s ability to move & shape & change, it‘s an amazing place.I‘m writing this using my phone!!! I‘m on the bus!!!
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